Mark Rockswold

In the beginning, we teach you the materials
and what has come to surface after so many tourists.
Having just been born I pull the trigger, write hello.

When I give an amplified normal hello, enter the subject space, I am writing. When I mouth the concentric little image, address the patient throat, I am opening.

Amplified hello, amplified hole
Enter the subject space: the patient throat
Mouth the little image, concentric image
Address the opening, give a normal hello

Define for me your accidents
That wire, that one way of being burned
Tell me it sounds like antennae echoes
As you go and go and go, backing out of
An ever-longer driveway.

What I want to understand: the amplified hello
Its wave echoes against the voice in my dream
Its brightness, its watersong
Real as currency

Miss this as well: his ghost floating in the palm of my hand

Miss this as well: Atlantic transformations

Miss this as well: she bites me back

Miss this as well: 10 thousand rotations of this ceiling fan

Miss this as well: indefinite lake-shape

Miss this as well: her cups of eight

Miss this as well: chemical efficiency

Miss this as well: leaning against the windmills

Miss this as well: circumstance for disruption