Laura Cesarco Eglin

ESTUDIANDO EN UN CAFÉ (From the book Los brazos del saguaro
[The Arms of the Saguaro])

Ese alféizar marrón es el comienzo. Quedarme
mirando un florero de vidrio que obliga a cortar
los dos tallos que sostienen su margarita. Una mirada
cada vez que termino una oración, como leer
entrelíneas, como entender que las pausas hacen
a la lectura.

STUDYING IN A CAFÉ (Translation by Scott Spanbauer)

That brown windowsill is the start. Keep
watching a glass vase that requires cutting
the two stems holding up its daisy. A look
every time I end a sentence, like reading
between the lines, like knowing the gaps make
the reading.

(Previously appeared in Tupelo Quarterly)

Let’s aim for poppy seeds
that are actually red.
——–If we try hard enough I know
——–we’ll find them. These are the secrets
in that line.
It had so much forest
——–I had to take it with me
————————carry it. I wish I could
do the same with people: hold them
close to let them go, inside.

Red has as many letters as the times your eyes
moved horizontally from one side to the other.

——–I will count the number
——–of poppy seeds that fit on your tongue.
Carry it.

Too many is not my favorite
number. So many sometimes is.